Stop! Warhammer time!


I went to the Forge World European open day in Amsterdam last week and it was a lot of fun. Although the line for the store was long, there was plenty to see and many people from the studio to talk too.
I had some great conversations and got a lot of cool tips and tricks :)

And here are Vulkan and Fulgrim in all their glory. The models are much more detailed and nicer in real life. And they had some awesome paint-jobs. Vulkan’s armor was just <3 Really looking forward to their version of Leman Russ

I enjoyed myself a lot and hope there will be more events like this.

Back in the Saddle ( or onto a wolf)

Every single time I try to paint more and update this tumblr. Sadly I always forget it when I get buried under job projects and irl stuff.
To say that last year was a bit meh, is being kind. While I had some amazing stuff to do, most of it had nothing to with the miniature hobby :(
My former favourite stores had already disappeared and there was no real replacement in the vicinity.

Luckily this changed in the past few months. The old Games Workshop finally got a new manager ( the former one managed to chase away at least 25 people). And another gaming store opened very close by with a lot of other model lines. Which makes it easier to meet people and get more immersed with the hobby. And also get more relaxed with regards to painting. I am by no means a perfect awesome painter. But apparently people like what they see and ask me to do stuff.

And with that my inspiration came back and I finally started painting again. Even doing some small commissions.. Yes I will paint in exchange for mead <3

More importantly is that my boyfriend has decided that it would work better if I was “managed” aka someone kicks my ass away from behind the computer and behind the painting table. So far so good.

My current projects for January are:

  • Iron Warrior ( Commission)
  • Super Dungeon Explorer Hero ( Private test)

After that I have some new stuff on the shelves. And later on I hope to start on finishing my armies. Looking forward to fiddle with my little space pups :P


Be prepared

Yesterday we braved the ice and snow to get to another town to do some shopping for miniatures. I was looking for some stuff and paints.
This time we opted not to go to the GW since we needed some other brands as wel. A few months back a store opened in a city nearby so we braved the cold ( sorry I don’t deal well with the current weather).
I managed to pick up a very cheap box of clanrats… the old models who will serves as my skaven slaves.

I also fell in love with an avatar of war model which really got me inspired to paint her. I do love female miniatures it is just such a pity that they are a bit more rare and are often a bit cliche. But once every now and than a really nice one comes out.

This sunday we are gonna sit down for a plan and paint session. I have a game of warhammer at the end of february which I really look forward too. So I need to finish some more units for that. I am currently working on my doomwheel XD
Sunday I will however work on some other models like a female vampire and a tomb king. In the hope to get that painting feeling back into my fingers again. I have some ideas for the bases of both of them. So hopefully it all works out.

I also really need to fix may lay-out and profile picture here.

Have fun painting and gaming!



Canoness Therese by ~DeadXCross

Canoness &lt;3I love it!



Canoness Therese by ~DeadXCross

Canoness <3
I love it!

A gorgeous picture made by Jon LawTo read more about it:
Projects 2013

So 2013 is already in full swing and plans are slowly forming.
I want to spend more time on actually improving myself on painting miniatures. Especially after the awesome workshop I had from Mathieu Fontaine ( back in November. Really inspirational and I met a lot of nice people there who showed me some tips and tricks.
If anything I need to have fun and need to be less hard on myself. I am just starting really and should just go from there and learn.

I also started with a Dark Heresy campaign which is a lot of fun. I am playing a Sister of Battle in a dysfunctional group of doom and mayhem. The first session was a lot of fun and I am looking forward to play some more.
I still need to finish my Dark Heresy character and perhaps paint two models for the battle rounds ;) The rpg book themselves are a lot of fun as well and can serve as a real inspiration for ideas for army/ mission backgrounds.

The Dark Angels launch was last Saturday so we went into a GW. I didn’t end up buying anything from the DA yet. Next month I am planning to get myself a box of deathwing knights to fiddle around with.

Also I am saving up to buy the Horus Heresy book from Forgeworld. I saw some of the book at a friends place and I loved it! Really looking forward to delve more into that era of the war. Playing a bit of the stuff we read about in the Horus Heresy series :)
Also seeing Mathieu Fontaine’s Angron ( Forgeworld, Best in Show at GD Paris 2012) was really inspiring. A beautifull model which really came alive with a gorgeous paintjob.

My projects (that I must try to finish in 2013)

  • Finishing painting my 1500 pts Skaven Force.
  • Starting on 750 points of Space Wolves
  • Finishing at least one random model each month
  • Improve painting
  • Start playing the game
  • Visit some GW’s in the UK
  • Continue with the Horus Heresy
  • Have loads of fun!
Burn the heretic

Waiting now for the brownies to come out of the oven.
This weekend is gonna be filled with rpg’s and me baking brownies to take along with me.

First up today is Dark Heresy/ Rogue Trader in which play our own nemesis. Our band of inquisitors vs our band of Evil rogue traders. Looking forward to it.

Also saw the Dark Angel advance orders. It really looks nice…. but the price. It’s 39 euro for the normal codex and the limited 70. But the models do look nice, alghough I hope for some more stuff on Cypher. I like the storylines around the fallen.
But first deciding what to start painting fron the backlog.

Dark Angels

I just received my  issue of the White Dwarf with the Dark Angels in it.

And I really like some of the models. Both the Hobbit and the Dark Angel releases look really nice. But.. but.. I promised myself to paint some of my stuff first before buying any more. And the prices are a bit steep as well ( 45 euro for 5 models?)

Still my inner painting geek screams at me that I really need to paint those Deathwing knights asap. Let’s see if I can resist the urge to pick up those models.

I fear the worst

New Challenges

It has been quiet on this blog for some reasons.
I changed jobs ( still work for the same employer) and I also went to China to attend the wedding of my brother in law. It was a lovely time but with the work change/ visa/ insurance etc. It was kinda hectic and thus no painting.

Also I kinda had my issues with GW myself.

In my country we have several GW stores and I used to love walking in and sitting there and being inspired. But in the past two years that feeling has gone..

At the moment they seem to be booting out a lot of employees. Four managers are gone and some staff was told their contract was not extended. And I find that pity because every year we need to pay more for their ( inferior finecast) products yet the quality of their stores is going downhill.
Twice I met an employee who didn’t know what the hell they were selling and gave me wrong information. It is kinda disheartning because the employees do their best but I feel GW is not supporting them well enough. And knowledge is not being carried over.

And than the hobbit set was released. Something I was excited about as I do love the Hobbit and I am a big Lotr fan. But the price of the game (100 euro) is a bit too steep for me for what I will be getting. I like to paint all the dwarves but the rest of the box is kinda underwhelming for that price. Esp. since I bought the Mines of Moria set for 60 euro back in the day (currebtly it is 78 euro thanks to inflation/ GW price hikes).

I don’t know but all of this lead me to think that despite the fact that I love the many models I am falling out of love with the company.
Their prices getting higher and higher and at the same time the quality and customer service at the stores seems to get hit as well. What the hell am I paying for?

Perhaps I need to take a look at Hordes/Warmachine?

Rumblings at Maelstrom Games?

For the past weeks I have been looking into finding a good store to buy supplies and paints for my miniatures. As much as I love my country the vast majority of shops don’t really sell much besides GW hobby supplies or don’t have a webstore.

I did order some stuff with a friend once or twice at Maelstrom over in the UK. Sometimes we had to wait a bit for our order but it always worked out just fine. So about two weeks ago I decided to perhaps pick some stuff up from there. That was until I saw some posts over at blogs and on DakkaDakka.

Maelstrom always made me chuckle a bit as I do love their discounts but their movement sales/excuses were getting a bit ridiculous. I mean how many times can someone move warehouse? A lot it seems.
So I checked out the forums and blogs to see wether or not they were moving again and planned to order after they moved. But what I found was not boding well.

Currently they seem to have issues filling up orders and they are weeks behind on some of them.  A lot of people have been waiting for quite some time on items that were out of stock and needed to go to their CC/paypal to get a refund.
Last week the store held a big discount action which can be read about here

There were wild rumours flying around already but this more or less confirmed what I read in the thread before. They needed this sale to sell their instock items to get funds to get the items that they didn’t have but where the customers already paid for.

So until further notice I would be carefull to actually order anything there that isn’t in stock. I really hope this will work out for them. In the mean time I am going to look at different stores in the hope to find one in the EU to sell me some non-gw paints and proper bases and brushes.